Welcome to the Craziest Corner of the Internet!

Core Values that We Are Proud of!

1. Speak your mind.
2. Cuss words aren't bad words until they have bad intentions.
3. Crocs are actually fucking cool!
4. Tacos can be eaten for any meal of a day that ends in Y.
5. Life is too short for anything boring.

All About the Bad Ass Owner

I'm Erin Dayhaw, the snarky and witty aficionado based in the heart of Baltimore, MD. When I'm not busy running the show, you'll find me gallivanting across the city's breweries, treating my taste buds to some mind-blowing tacos, and causing mayhem with my partner-in-crime, Zach. Supporting the fam through my business is my secret superhero gig. Armed with a bachelor's degree in art and design (finally putting that degree to work!), I'm determined to sprinkle the world with a hearty dose of fabulousness and laughter.

Now, let's talk Crocs, my friend—they're my sassy trademark. Who says they aren't cool? As for cuss words, I believe in the fine art of profanity, but let's keep it within the bounds of good taste, shall we? Life's far too short to endure the torment of the mundane. I mean, seriously, who needs that? Let's kick boredom to the curb. By the way, slide right into my DMs on Instagram, because connecting with awesome souls like yourself is what fuels my snarky spirit!

Here's a fun fact for you—I'm a proud member of the left-handers' club (we're the cool kids, trust me). Tacos and Korean BBQ are my gastronomic soulmates. Recently, I hit a major milestone: raking in a whopping $10,000 in a single month (cue the victory dance!). Now, I'm aiming for the stars, with a goal to reach $100,000 in a year and ultimately opening my own wickedly awesome brick-and-mortar storefront. So hop aboard, my friend, and let's paint the town snarky, one hilarious product at a time!