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All Great Stories Start with "This Bitch" Coaster Set

All Great Stories Start with "This Bitch" Coaster Set

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Are you ready to spill the tea? Our 'All Great Stories Start with This Bitch' pulpboard coasters are the perfect addition to your next gossip sesh. Made of high-quality pulpboard material, these coasters are both reusable and disposable, ensuring that you can dish out the juiciest details without worrying about water damage. Plus, their humorous design adds a touch of personality to any conversation. Whether you're catching up with friends or enjoying a night in with your favorite reality TV show, these coasters are a must-have. Order now and let the stories begin!

Some shit you should know: 
4in by 4in 
50pt pulpboard
Reusable...until they aren't
10 coasters in a pack
Blue foil

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