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Emotional Support Straight Friend Sticker

Emotional Support Straight Friend Sticker

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Are you that exceptional friend who provides emotional support and laughs without any hidden agenda? Well, we've got the perfect sticker for you! Introducing our "Emotional Support Straight Friend" sticker, designed for those who bring a unique perspective and unwavering support to their LGBTQ+ friends.

So, if you're proud to be that incredible emotional support straight friend, our sticker is here to help you spread the love and laughter. Order your "Emotional Support Straight Friend" sticker today and wear it proudly as a symbol of friendship and acceptance.

$2 of every sale of this sticker will be donated Free State Justice. FreeState Justice is a legal advocacy organization that seeks to improve the lives of low-income lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (“LGBTQ”) Marylanders.

2.6" x 2.9Die Cut Sticker

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